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Rachael Hopkins has run the Lounge Salon in the suburbs of Cheltenham for the last 18 years. She and her team have always been strong advocates for allergy testing clients, especially as Rachael herself is allergic to p-Phenylenediamine (PPD). As with many new innovations, it took a little time for her and her team to adjust to the benefits of the Colourstart Screen and Test process.

“I found it was important to talk through the process with each of the team, so we all understood the detail. Not everyone was convinced straight away, especially because they’ve been used to using traditional allergy alert methods and some of the team were concerned about the insurance implications.”

But Rachael and her team are now convinced of the benefits of Colourstart and the Passport and they are rolling it out to all their clients in parallel with their online booking system.

“When the client books online, we send them an email to confirm, information on the change to our safe colour protocol, and a link to the Colourstart website for them to create a Passport account.”

Once Rachael has confirmation that a client can use the Colourstart Patch Test, she then asks them to buy the test either from her directly or from SalonLove – and then she provides instructions on how to use it.

Rachael has found that most of her clients have used Colourstart and the Passport with no problems. But there have been some challenges that they have had to overcome:

“The challenge with some clients is that they don’t read the instructions provided. As a result we have had to spend time on the phone to help guide these clients on how to use Colourstart and the Passport. It can be frustrating, but now clients are starting to repeat their colouring, it’s a lot easier. In fact, they love it!”

Overall, Rachael and her team are certain that using Colourstart will benefit them and their clients: “We love the fact that the burden of testing every time has been replaced by the convenience of a home test for a potential allergy to PPD where our clients are in control”.