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Nathan Walker is the Brand and Education Director for Trevor Sorbie salons. Throughout his 27 year career there, Nathan has built a rock-solid brand that has not only stood the test of time, but moved with it too.

Here’s why Colourstart has been invaluable to his role as a leading London colourist.

Emma xxx

ES: Wow! 27 years with Trevor Sorbie is incredible. How would you summarise your career?

NW: It is a wonderfully joyful responsibility to look after a brand like Trevor Sorbie. I still get to work with guests on the salon floor and still have a role as a colourist, so I am very much at the heart of the business. I’ve worked closely with Trevor to develop a multi award winning artistic team and am responsible for the entire education side of our business, something I take very seriously.

ES: Why do you use Colourstart?

NW: We’ve been using Colourstart since launch. I am a big fan, because this is truly a benefit for both the hairdresser and consumer. It gives everyone the confidence to colour hair responsibly and ensures they both have control. Colourstart is essential for building a colour business.

ES: How has Colourstart helped with creativity in the salon?

NW: As a colourist, one of the things that can be a hindrance, is wanting to use multiple colour products on a client, and not having tested for them all. If you are using 3 different products, but have only tested for one, you have failed in your duty of care. However, if you have followed Colourstart, you can use any colour and it unleashes your creativity.

ES: What are the challenges of running a colour business since the pandemic?

NW: The new norm is different. You don’t know how a client is going to react to hair colour… you just never know. Then on a different level, we are finding that some people are still limiting themselves in travelling into the city, so being able to send someone a test at home is amazing and saves a journey.

ES: What’s your advice for incorporating Colourstart into the salon?

NW: So much of hairdressing is about communication, on so many levels. I have found that when Colourstart is communicated effectively to the team and our guests, it offers professionalism, security and confidence. What Colourstart enables you to do is have a conversation about safety and clearly defines you as the professional.