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Raising standards in the hairdressing industry is something I am hugely passionate about, so when Colourstart ploughed all their scientific expertise into the world’s first licensed hair colour allergy test, I seriously took note.

As Guest Editor for Colourstart, I’ll be exploring the benefits of allergy testing, and the impact having professional standards in place has on our profession. I’ll be talking to a wide range of experts to share how they’ve transformed their colour business with Colourstart, starting with Anna Short, from Daniel Galvin in Selfridges.

Emma xxx

Getting to know…
Anna Short, Senior Colour Director at Daniel Galvin in Selfridges

ES: What does your role as Senior Colour Director involve?

AS: I manage the colour team here at Selfridges and oversee our very large colour client base. Selfridges is really buzzy and vibrant, but the salon is calming, so it doesn’t actually feel like you are in the middle of one of the world’s busiest department stores.

ES: Tell me about your client base…

AS: In Selfridges we have such a diverse clientele. Some of our clients will be regulars, but might not come to the salon every 8 weeks, because they are living or travelling abroad. But when they are in London they will come back. So we have to be prepared for anything.

ES: Does that mean you do a lot of colour correction work?

AS: We do. We really take it for granted in the UK that the standard of hairdressing around the world is as high as ours. It’s not always, and often if our clients have been overseas, we have a challenge to perfect their colour again.

ES: How are you finding using Colourstart?

‬AS: Incredible‭! ‬We have been using Colourstart since the pandemic and it’s taken so much pressure off us‭. Colourstart allows the whole skin testing process to be taken off our hands‭. We still try to do a consultation for any colour correction or colour change work, however for some clients it is not always possible to get to visit the salon in person before an appointment.

ES: How has this made your colour business more effective?

AS: Colourstart has been an invaluable tool to help us grow the business. Previously you would have to look in the diary to see if the client has tested and it was always such a responsibility, but this has all now been taken away. Creatively it means we can be much more flexible with the products we are using too. We can literally use any colour we like and if the plan changes on the day, it’s not a problem, you know your client is looked after.

ES: What colour services are your clients asking for right now?

AS‭: ‬There is so much balayage still and people are so much happier to embrace their natural colour and much more comfortable letting their roots grow through‭, ‬with a focus on the mid lengths and ends‭. ‬Blondes are also going lighter‭, ‬but more buttery shades with warmer undertones‭. ‬