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One of the questions we are often asked is, “How do I talk to clients about the £15 price tag for Colourstart?”

So, this week we want to help everyone by sharing just some of the many reasons Colourstart makes a sound investment.

These topics can be a great conversation starter with clients and a way of removing the confusion around allergy screening.

Seaneette Porter, owner of Blue Raspberry hasn’t looked back!


Think service, not retail.
Let’s be really clear about this. Colourstart is about providing a professional service for your clients, and forms part of any salon’s quality management system.

Think good value.
Clients do not need to repeat Colourstart unless you recommend it. This is a one off investment of £15 spread over multiple visits.

Think health and wellbeing.
You are reducing your clients’ exposure to PPD by limiting the frequency of blob testing!

Think clearly.
If you’re uncertain about your own testing policy, don’t be surprised if your clients are too! Take away the confusion, make Colourstart your default system and train everyone on the benefits of a Colourstart Passport.

Here are a few more tips.

Insurance is essential.
If you’re not testing, you’re unlikely to be insured. Even if you are are, how good is your record keeping? When using Colourstart you’re using the UK’s only clinically proven hair colour allergy test and the process is stored on a fully auditable technology system. With our special Vendors Extension insurance, you’re directly insured with us.

Complete creative freedom.
What if a client changes their mind? With Colourstart you won’t need to retest if your client changes their colour service or wants to use multiple products. Use Colourstart with any colour recommending a test.

Time is money.
Never underestimate the inconvenience of skin testing for everyone involved – your staff costs, clients parking and transport costs, and the most valuable thing of all – time. Save time and money by using the Colourstart system.

Quality is King.
Colourstart is the only clinically proven test for allergy to hair colour (PPD). Did you know the Colourstart Patch is licensed by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)?